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Thread: VPS Wanted

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    VPS Wanted


    I am using a shared server and have problems with restrictions on MySQL updates and queries and I am getting errors when these limits are reached and my host will not help or increase the limits for my DB.

    My site makes no profit and I cannot afford dedicated and have been told to look at VPS.

    My site is Adult orientated and uses 27GB disk space (and growing) and about 100GB montly bandwidth.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap, reliable VPS (prefer outside of US but will consider US).

    Thanks in advance.


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    Do you have a budget in mind at all?
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    I do, but I am not saying what it is. Sorry.

    All I will say is that I could not afford my dedicated server @ $119 pm and went to shared @ £5.25 pm (about $10).

    I am not working and my site does not make a profit (yet).

    I just want the links to recommended VPS hosts and I will make up my mind then
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    Why don't you check out the offers forum, there are some offers that might fit what you want.

    You can also custom build a VPS at:

    I would reccomend you contact the people at to see if they can do a custom VPS for you as they have been the best host i have ever worked with.

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    I would also recommend Host Mave ( ). They have great unmanaged services with excellent prices. I have been with them for about 2 weeks and so far so good. Setup was quick and prompt after payment was received.

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    servint or powervps would be a good choice for you
    but inside of US

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