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    Import large database without shell?

    OK guys, here's the challenge. I'm supposed to put up a large database onto a client server. It goes without saying that when asked, client answers the question about having ssh access in the affirmative and when I get there he doesn't have ssh access. Challenge is that the database is 260 MB large and phpmyadmin just isn't going to cut it. It never cuts it with databases half the size of the ~51MB limit. Cutting and pasting into smaller files is the only workaround I can think of and will also take me all day. Is there any other idea you guys may have that might accomplish the import? I don't see a way to do the import with a file uploaded via ftp where I'd normally use ssh to import. Many thanks to you all...

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    There is a small php program which does this as I used it on a host who didn't allow SSH some years ago. Sorry to get your hopes up but I've searched and just can't find it. Just thought I let you know your search isn't in vain.

    Otherwise get the client to ask his host to load it via SSH.

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    Perhaps this might help

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    usually hosts have a time limit for php scripts (max_execution_time). The default value is 30 sec. If
    upload time will take more then 30 sec and they have this won't work.

    Probably you can consider uploading from cron if you have access. there you can use a simple shell script, something


    mysql -u$DBUSER --password=$PASSWORD $PATH$DUMP > $DB

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    or set up a php.ini file to allow files so big to upload and set the timeout to be longer and place that in the phpmyadmin directory.

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