Our Network:

We access Cisco 7600 routers at the border, Cisco 6500 switches in our core switching layer and Cisco 3750 series switches in the distribution layer. The end layer utilizes a HP Procurve 2626 switch.

We are based in IP House London. The site has;
24/7 CCTV Coverage on every major entrance and exit

- Professional Pre-Detection Fire Systems
- PAC Access Keys to data floors
- Humidity Control which is monitored 24/7
- High Power Diesel Generators along side backup UPS via batteries
- Direct feed from the national grid

With our own solid BGP4 multi-homed Network, we have an expanding list of PEERS allowing us to provide our customers will an excellent connection to their servers. RTM RIPE


Just drop me a PM or an eMail if you have any questions or if you are interested in colocating with us.

Please note the setup fee can be waved if you are willing to colocate when a member of staff is going to the data centre anyway.