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    How much power do I need? please help me!!!


    here's what I want to host ONE site:

    with a max. of about 400 users on at any one time.
    About 5,000 MySQL query per hour

    how much power do I need?

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    With one site, if you get rid of the bloat that CP's cause, like plesk and cpanel, you should do just fine on a 256 guaranteed RAM.

    I'm sure we will see many more posts with suggestions

    Good Day!

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    If you choose directadmin it will use less resources, so you will have more resources to your forum
    5000 queries per hour are less than 2 per second, so i guess you will have no problem with that.

    Something like:
    CPU: 300Mhz+ burstable to 1000Mhz+
    RAM: 128+ burstable to 1024+ ( to avoid crash on peaks)

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    You may use ServerCP its very less load and works flawlessly, Plus its free for personal use(one login for all accounts) and very easy to install.

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