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    What's the max number of members Cpanel can work fine on 1 server?


    I currently have 30,000 members but they're on a xpanel system (which is designed for free web hosting).

    And these 30,000 are all on 1 server and there's absolutely no problem with the load.

    However I was thinking of deleting all my members and installing Cpanel in order to provide a better service.

    So my question is: Can Cpanel support this many members on 1 server?

    Please let me know...
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    As far as I know there is no any limit for cpanel users.
    You are only limited with server resource

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    cpanel w/ unlimited domains and stuff has no limit as to how many people u put in , but 30,000 members on one server thats a question u wanna ask unless u have like quad quad opterons or something
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    One issue you might run into is that cPanel is much more resource intensive then other products, so just cPanel might create extra load on your system (and with 30000 users, that could be bad)

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    Quote Originally Posted by astounding
    However I was thinking of deleting all my members and installing Cpanel in order to provide a better service.
    I'm sorry but I found this line to be quite ironic.

    At any rate, I dont think CPanel would scale well to 30,000 users, just based on the added log parsing / backup, etc. it does. You could be adventurous and give it a shot though lol.

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    "quad quad opterons"


    Anyhow, cpanel in itself takes up resources, but i don;t think there's a real limit. It's pretty much boils down to if there's enough resources to cover them, thats all.

    Like you said, there's no problems with load, go for it.

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    Well if you can, do you have access to another server?

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    CPanel doesn't scale very well at all. I've worked with servers >5,000 users and it can be done, you're just pushing the envelope.

    After a couple thousand users just adding and removing users takes quite a while as CPanel updates its back end.

    If your current solution works, I wouldn't suggest making a jump.

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    I used to run an xpanel server with several thousand free accounts and the load per account was extremely low. 90% of the sites that signed up did not do anything. If you have 30,000 accounts, you may have just a few thousand active accounts that are getting any hits at all.

    Might I suggest you purchase a small cpanel server ($99) and put new clients on that server and see how things go? Leave the existing clients where they are and give them an option to migrate. That way, only the active accounts will be moved and those are the ones you can target with additional features.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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