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    CMS needed - Travel / Touristic

    Hi to All,

    due my very busy schedule I am in need of professional developer. I need CMS for travel/touristic purposes.
    I will provide you with the examples of sites I like and would like to have one of them.
    This needs to be done professionaly and please, if you are not expirienced developer do not post here. I wont buy any template.
    CMS needs to have support for PHP/MySQL ( admin area, user area )

    I wont make this post large, any additional info you can get through PM.

    Before anything we start provide me your portfolio.

    During work in this project I need from you:

    - to be online prety much time and be available to phone ( If you can not respond on email or any my request in the max 3 hours, do not post here or do not send PM )
    - professional skills in developing CMS or cloning CMS
    - to be flexible
    - business oriented person

    Budget for this project is open. If it worth 300$ you will be paid 300$, if it worth 1000$ you will be paid thousand. It really depends on the work you can do and what you do for us.

    All interested persons and companies, please send PM for more info!


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    Wrong thread.
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    I do not know if it is wrong or right thread, mods can move this thread where it should be!


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