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    find hosting accept visa debit

    I have visa debit only, so I am looking for a webhosting provider accept visa debit

    I want some of hosting provider like: interserver,bluehost, servage . But seem they cant process my debit card, I dont know why but I still buy some domains from godaddy normaly .

    Thanks for reading !
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    Debit works the same as credit cards. Usually if they accept one they also accept the other. What country is your card issued?
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    Thanks for your answer !
    I am from Viet Nam, tonight I will call to some hosting providers to order, if no I will use godaddy as well .

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    Hi niitpro,

    Visa debit is definitely not a bit problem when ordering but you do have to watchout as some major hosting companies do block out orders from areas such as Vietnam due to large amount of fraud orders coming from there. You might want to check with some hosting companies before ordering or maybe you need to do a manual order since you're a legit buyer from Vietnam and they might still be blocking your orders etc..

    Good luck!
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    I am sorry to hear about that, I will make a phone call or transfer money to Moneybookers to make orders .

    Thanks very much for your help !

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    A lot of credit card companies I belive put blocks on certain orders. You should contact your bank and find out if this might be in place.

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