Gr8support has recently launched some new services, besides Remote tech support.

Our new services include Server security, programming and website development and designs.

The new services can be described as follows :

Server security & management :

1) Advanced Policy Firewall
2) Brute Force Detection
3) Linux Socket Monitor
4) Linux Environment Security
6) Increase TCP/IP Efficiency
7) Harden Host.conf
8) ClamAV
9) MailScanner
10) Mod_Evasive
11) Mod_Security
12) Mod_LimitIPConn
13) LogWatch
14) Fix Permissions
15) Harden Sysctl.conf
16) RKHunter
17) Zend Optimizer
18) Secure PHP.ini
19) Secure SSHD
20) System Integrity Monitor
21) System Priority
22) Upgrade SSH & OpenSSL
23) Secure /tmp Partition
24) Message of the day
25) Add SSH key to server
26) Status Monitor
27) And many more

Programming, website development and designs :

Designs and Layouts:

* HTML. XHTML, CSS, Table less layouts with emphasis on index ability of the site and quick loading sites.

Programming Languages:

* PHP, Perl/CGI, .Net, ECMAScript (standardized JavaScript)


* MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MS Access. All ODBC complaint databases in general.

User Interfaces:

* Flash Animations, Graphics Design. Solutions adhere to W3C standards for accessibility, usability and use latest tools and techniques based on Ajax and other XML based technologies. SEO is taken into consideration for all solutions.

Please contact us for more info on the cost and custom plans.

We also provide custom hosting plans.