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    Smile [HK] $99 Pentium 4 3.0Ghz HT, 1024MB RAM, Dual 80GB SATA Disks, Web Reboots, CP

    Model: P430-160-HSWAP
    Pentium 4 3.0Ghz HT
    1024MB RAM (512M x 2)
    2 x 80GB SATA II Hotswap Hard Disks
    10M *Shared* Unmetered Bandwidth (Local + International Transit)
    1 Fixed IP Address (1 IP per server only)
    Fedora Core 4 O/S Installed
    Optional DirectAdmin Control Panel (Contact for pricing)
    Optional Web Remote Reboot (Contact for pricing)
    1U Rackmount Server
    Server is located in PacificNET Data Centre
    Monthly Fee: $99 USD (No Setup)

    Month-to-Month Contract if paying online via paypal.
    Pre-payment of 3 months of service is required if paying by wire transfer.

    Drive Partitions:
    1.) If the server you are selecting has RAID option and you want to setup RAID, we can setup RAID 1 for you so that one drive will be used to mirror your data.
    2.) If you do not want RAID or your server does not have RAID option, we setup one disk for O/S and swap space and another disk mount as /backup
    3.) Custom Partitioning is always welcome!

    Bandwidth is shared. We guarantee you can get max 10M locally within HK, but not outside of HK.
    You may request for a speed test link. Just contact me by email -
    Dedicated Oversea Bandwidth can be supplied to your server, please contact for price quote. Dedicated 1 Mbps is around $200.00 USD per mon. We have to contact our supplier for accurate fees.

    Please contact us for pricing options

    Service Management:
    Servers are not managed.
    $350.00 HKD (~ $45.00 USD) every time you require us to login to your server to fix, compile or install anything for you (for Fedora Core O/S only). We do not charge and provide management for other OS.
    $100.00 HKD (~ $13.00 USD) to reload the O/S.

    Hardware replacement is free, but only if they are found to be bad.
    Replacement is done within 24 hours.

    Acceptable Use Policy:
    The server you are leasing from us may not be used for spaming such as sending out junk mail, hosting spam sites or any kind of spam activities.
    BitTorrent is not allowed to be used on our servers such as hosting trackers, hosting seeds, etc.
    Adult content is not allowed and IRC cannot be installed or used on any of our servers.

    Please review our AUP:
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