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    looking for text links. (preferably sports related)

    i am looking for cheap textlinks, especially with pages with PR.
    i run a sports site, and am looking (preferably) for links related to sports. please reply here if intersted. thanks.

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    You shall have a very good list of sports related websites looking for link exchange at

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    thanks, i will see what i find.

    i am still looking for purchasing links though.

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    I can sell you links on, please contact me or email me at contact <at>

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    alright pm sent to dpakman, thanks

    i have also replied to the other pm's sent, but am still looking for more!

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    I have really cheap space available for advertisements on New England Sports News. The url which I can't post yet, is nesportsnew .com so check it out and send me a pm even though I don't know what a pm is.

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    do you have any traffic stats?

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    that I will get back to you on, because I know there is a place were the is checked but I would have to ask my business partner cause I forgot the site where we check that. Already have one company that invested on our site.

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    Hello needvert :
    We offer bundled offers for text links
    Here is the location to the page that has detailed information on their PR and domain creation dates
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    thanks, i will look that over. still looking, all offers are appreciated

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    Google PR4
    Price $15
    Location Footer
    This is a forum with almost 1400 members and has a ton of content. The Googlebot sees these pages and will see your link also. The site has thousands of indexed pages and your link will appear on all of them.
    Google PR4
    Price 15$
    Location Footer
    This is a site that has almost all of the linux man pages online. It gets a lot of google hits and is all static html.
    Google PR4
    Price $15
    Location Footer
    This is a site all about saving money on gas. The content on this site is all original by me. A great site with solid content.
    Google PR3
    Price 5$
    Location Footer
    This is a nicely designed forum that never took off. I still hope it will, but I am not sure it will.

    You can sign-up here:
    AIM: GopherDesign
    ICQ: 39 401 865

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    im looking more for sports related sites, but thanks for the offer.

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