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    DELL PowerEdge 2550s $79/m!!! 24/7 SUPPORT

    When checking out use the promotion code yo-promo1 and the 13th month of service will be $0. There is no limit on the the amount of servers/service for this promotion.

    Test IP: , Open in a web browser to download a test file.

    Dell PowerEdge 2550
    Dual P3 1.1GHz
    1GB RAM
    2x 36GB SCSI
    1000GB Transfer
    CentOS Linux
    Plesk (Optional)
    $1 Setup

    Dell PowerEdge 1650
    Dual P3 1.4Ghz
    512MB RAM
    2x 18GB SCSI
    1000GB Transfer
    CentOS Linux
    Plesk (Optional)
    $1 Setup

    Dell PowerEdge 850
    P4 2.8Ghz
    512MB RAM
    80GB SATA
    1300GB Transfer
    CentOS Linux
    Plesk (Optional)
    $1 Setup

    Dell Dual Core Poweredge 850
    Dual Core 3GHz Pentium D
    1GB RAM
    2x 80GB SATA
    1500GB Transfer
    CentOS Linux
    Plesk (Optional)
    $1 Setup

    Dell PowerEdge 2850
    Dual Intel 3.2 GHz Xeon
    2GB DIMM PC 4200 DDR2
    5x 73GB SCSI
    2000GB Transfer
    CentOS Linux
    Plesk (Optional)
    $1 Setup

    Software Upgrades/Addons:
    Windows 2003 Web - $10/m
    Windows 2003 Standard - $25/m
    RedHat Enterprise - $30/m

    SQL Server 2005 Workgroup - $59/m ($1 Setup)
    SQL Server 2005 Standard - $199/m ($1 Setup)

    Load Balancing - $10/m (1000 connections) ($49 Setup)
    Managed Services - $99/m

    Backup Services:
    10GB - $9/m
    20GB - $19/m
    30GB - $29/m
    40GB - $39/m
    50GB - $49/m

    Hardware Addons:
    PERC Raid Card (SCSI) - $29/m ($99 Setup)
    CERC Raid Card (SATA) - $29/m ($99 Setup)

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    Do you offer FreeBSD?

    Any other control panels besides Plesk available?

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