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    Some Questions

    Hey all! I have a couple questions, would be very happy if someone could help me with them.

    - Can I copy a browser session (the sites that can be accessed by clicking the 'back' button) to a new winow opened by JavaScript?

    - Is there a way to add another menu at the top of Internet Explorer (to the existing file, edit, view, favorites, tools and help menus)?

    Thanks so much for any help given!

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    Point 1 (about the history).
    You could check out the history() object javascript has, I doubt you can pop up a window with this TBH. OR you could use the HTTP Referrer: header to see when the user came from, if anywhere, and open a popup with that easy.

    Point 2 (about the menus).
    Not, not in IE, maybe with a plugin.. but don't go there - no one would touch that. In FireFox you could do that with XUL, whats FF like 15-17% browser market share, if you're lucky. Opera, no not a chance..

    Find a better idea for your UI, no one would know to look for a menu up there anyways.

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