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    NameCheap [issue]

    Yup. I have an issue with NameCheap.

    Their support rocks!

    I have a good enom account. But I've had some domains with NameCheap for a few years because I can get the name and whois protection cheaper with them.

    I never needed any support until yesterday.

    I needed to update some name servers. Their interface only goes up to ns9. (Doesn't help much when I'm editing ns22-ns33).

    So I opened a support ticket. Told them what I needed. And twenty minutes later they emailed me stating it was done.

    Prompt, professional support. What else could you want in a registrar?

    That's it. End of story. Just sharing my issue with NameCheap support.
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    nice to see a positive post for a change
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    I love Namecheap. I use them.

    What I love is their user friendly interface, great prices, paypal availability, and etc. I just have to say that they are definately a awesome service, as I have not yet had an issue with them! I've been a customer for almost 2 years, never opened a support ticket.

    I hope I can meet their response times with my business though :O

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