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    Easy way to get traffic


    We have a new website <<< removed >>> and we are wondering what the best way to get traffic to it is.

    All ideas welcome!

    Thanks for your time
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    cool job ! I like this

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    Easy way is signature space, Getting it reviewed, posting it in directories and ermmm that it for now lol. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Word of mouth definitely works.

    If you have an online business, make business cards. That also helped BIG time.

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    You can subscribe to some ads such as Google Adwords to increase traffic to your site.

    Just make sure you select the proper keywords that describe your site well.

    Word of mouth is a good idea too, but you won't get much initially.
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    We think google Adwords are too expensive

    How can we get a high search engine ranking otherwise?

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    Great content on your site that is updated weekly... then hope for the best.... lol

    Get people to link to you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DateNDate
    We think google Adwords are too expensive

    How can we get a high search engine ranking otherwise?
    Assuming your site is a dating site, then you have to be very bold in advertising. You have to go on a advertising blitz so that you get a spike in registrations till it reach a critical mass. Small amount of advertising are like needle pricks.

    Free and cheap advertising will only sent small traffic which will never return back because they found the site is dead.

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    So we need a rush of registrations?


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