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    Active24 Problems - if your domain starts with "c" !

    Active 24 had server problems - my site was down for a day and a half. Servers came back up yesterday lunchtime but were looking a bit bare.

    It seems that all website domains that start with a "c" have gone. All files lost. And there is no backup. (strange).

    Of course my domain starts with a "c".

    So if you can't access a particular domain that starts with a "c", it may be with Active24.

    I'm trying to find out if it was a hardware problem or if it was hacked but communication is a bit slow right now (even worse than usual).

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    Hoping they do offer daily backups for you. Even a backup via the ip is inaccessible ?

    Keep us update about this issue, i would like to know how it did happen as it's strange issue, only c* domains...

    Good luck,

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    I'm on a business package that says "daily backups" in the contract. But it appears in this instance they can offer me no restore at all - even for a month or so ago which would have been better than me having to reinstall all my apps.

    I've asked but even Tech Support apparently don't have the reason for the failures, and the supervisor was "too busy to talk to me".

    I'm not raising too much fuss since I've cancelled my contract with them and am moving my domain elsewhere, and I don't want them to delay it. Apart from this downtime their SQL servers have been unstable over the last few weeks.

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    Sounds to me like all "c*" were probably on a single drive together, and that drive died/got wiped.

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