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    Upload script (All features listed)

    Attachmax Script, All features Listed

    1) Ability to Upload Videos, Compressed Files or Images
    2) Progress Meter Support
    3) Upload Files via url
    4) Give different result pages for images, videos and compressed files
    5) 2co and paypal intigration
    6) Search Files and via categories, sort by views, downloads
    7) Output pages like (ex
    8) Upload youtube files and allow users to download flv
    9) Premium membership payment gateway supported
    10) Allow users to advertise via rss feeds
    11) Manage and edit Rss feeds
    12) Hotlinking and Thread Limiting Capabilities for Unregistered/Premium
    13) Add Comments to Pages
    14) Show Download Views
    15) Support for Files to go directly to Different Servers
    16) Short Url's via title
    17) Submit Uplaoded content to Bookmark pages such as Digg
    18) Ability to Stream Video Files, in avi, wmv, mpeg, rm and more
    19) Allow wmv to be streamed with player, as encoding wmv is extremely server intensive and takes a long time
    20) Disable/Add Slave Servers via admin
    21) Sort by Filename, Downloads, Views in admin
    22) Send email to recipient
    23) Adjust how long files to stay on server and mass delete unused files
    24) Mass Delete files or selective delete in admin
    25) Set Maximum Upload Size
    26) View premium or advertising purchases
    27) Create and edit tariffs
    28) Allow- forbid extensions
    29) FLV player with Full Screen ability
    30) Install script and improved documentation

    In progress
    * Larger Flv player
    * Show Views for Download pages as well as current Download counter
    * Ability to Rate Pages
    * Better theming of Download Pages, Placement and such
    * browser bug fix with multi progress meter
    * Allow without progress meter, to avoid linux patching
    * Better security
    * Allow users to create Login accounts and view their uploaded videos
    * Page that Lists complete list of Videos split into sections
    * Ability to have Flash Player embedded onto other websites
    * Homepage to become more like youtube with categories

    For an extra $25
    A download pack is available that will allow you to upload to your server over 5,000 Files
    Giving you an instant community

    Purchase now at via the shopping cart
    Price only $49.90

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    very good, its a shame i cant afford that at this moment

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    The 'In progress' features... is there a time-scale before theyre available? It would be silly for someone to buy a script now if it will be out-dated within a week or 2
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    Best possible scenario of timescale is 1 week, worst case scenario is 1 month.

    The benefit of buying now, is users will be able to start promoting right away and get a jump start on users that will be buying script in the following weeks.
    Upgrade patches will be available for users that buy now.
    As with vbulletin, we will continually attempt to improve the script with features and functionality, so buying now or later is really up to you.

    However if you would like to wait it out, please send me a private message of interest and as soon as the latest version of the script becomes available I will let you know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueheaven
    Attachmax Script, All features Listed
    For an extra $25
    A download pack is available that will allow you to upload to your server over 5,000 Files
    Giving you an instant community

    Purchase now at via the shopping cart
    Price only $49.90
    Can you let us know how do we make the extra $25 Payment

    also check your PM on DNF

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    design work available also?
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    Payment Sent for Attachmax Script + Extra 5000 Files Via Paypal

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    thanks for purchase, script sent and Video Pack coming soon.

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    for those that purchased the script, what do you think of it?

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