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    chica go go

    Smile I need money for a new camera.

    I want to buy this nikon d80 camera when it comes out, but due to budget constraints, I won't be able to afford it unless I do a lot of extra work.

    What I can fix for you:

    • Apache
    • DNS Issues
    • PHP & Perl Errors
    • FreeBSD System Issues
    • General Linux system errors

    What I can 'beef up' for you:

    • Installation of Apache Modules
    • Upgrades of freebsd system binaries, and kernels
    • Installation of PHP Extensions
    • Installation of regular unix software
    • Installation and Upgrade of Forum, and Blog Software

    I am also offering the following products and services:

    • Someone on a forum or irc channel bothering you? Give me a few details, and I will write an insult which will make that person look like a real clod!
    • Need to prove to your friends and family that you do have friends? For only $5 I will write "Your Name is My friend" on a peice of paper, take a photo of it, and give you the photo.

    Pricing for the above services vary, but I usually work very cheap. Contact me if you need anything, and I'll give you a quote. Paypal is the only accepted payment method.

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    Wow, that service of writing my name on a piece of paper is quite a good deal.

    ship internationally or what?

    Good Luck with the camera, you're going to love nikon . Best cameras in the world if you ask me

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    LOLd at the last offers

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    Lasst offers are funny.

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    Nice offer on the last part.

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    wow! that is one expensive camera, what does it do, has infinite memory? ¬_¬ lol good luck with getting all that money

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    I love looking at your pictures, so a PM is being sent...

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    This ad surely caught my attention Hope you get some buyers!
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    love the last offers... lol

    Caught my attension hope you get some buyers
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