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    How would you market?

    We are hosting a major tennis player - I won't drop his name, although his untimely exit from the US Open was unexpected from a #2 would you market the hosting of his site? We've got several marketing campaigns in development - but group think can be a terrible thing! We will have placement on his suite of sites etc and an agreement with his marketing company...who we've hosted for years.
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    If you want advertise his site you may want to go to sites like LAJCC los angeles junior chamber of commerce they hold a yearly la watts summer games and look for sponsors. the highest sponsors get ads everywhere even on the site. it's a big event on the radio tv and online here in south cali. You may want to him/her into that since tennis is one of the sports. or you may want to get them to buy into that im not sure how to work that. My aunt runs the show. I can get you her email. It'll go again by next year. She can get you arranged and some info. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Hi marksy, my first consideration would be if this tennis star had any limitations on what or how you market this. Although he probably wouldn't and I'm sure you've already checked into that. You said your site will be mentioned on their site(s), so maybe start off with putting a notice on your site w/links and maybe a press release. Maybe something like Tennis Super Star (name) chooses "X"(your company name) Hosting company for it's hosting needs. Might sound pretty basic, but that's at least where I would start. Again, depending if they had any limitations, which I would doubt. Also since you already have a arrangement with his marketing company, maybe whenever they mention him and his websites, they could throw in a brief mention of yours also. Even a brief mention, way at the bottom of (whatever) might do wonders. It won't take anything away from their original promotion and doubtful it'll cost anything, or at least minimal. Well, except for the extra servers you might end up needing.
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    We host a major rock band's website and everything that Jim2Macs mentions is pretty much right on target. Make sure you clear any name-dropping with their side and you should be fine.

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