I have a few Virtual Dedicated Servers available. They will be on a powerful Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz Server with 512MB of RAM and 7 200 RPM Fast Hard drive. This server is located in the EV1/Rackshack datacenter.

This offer is suitable for you if you:
-Run a popular site but is not yet ready for dedicated server (cost or administration skill)
-Learning to administrate a Redhat Linux server
-Want to install your own custom software
-Want to do anything that would normally require a dedicated server.

You will get:
-10GB of pure storage space (no OS files counted)
-75GB of high speed transfer with multiple-providers
-Root access
-Dedicated IP address
-Full Redhat 7.2 installation
-A powerful computing environment - currently the server is extremely light-loaded (load average mostly 0.0)
-Professional support with personal attention

Other managed services available:
-Software installation
-Software configuration
-Security audit/application update
-Remote/off-network backup service
-High availability configuration, with dual VDS for fail-over service.

The price is not fixed, it depends on the discussion we have. However, you can expect a range of $60 - $100 a month.
-No setup fee
-Transfer overage $1 per GB
-Storage overage $10 per GB

Generous cancellation policy:
If you are not satisfied, you have a 30 days money back guarantee *plus* a 30 additional days of free hosting while you look for new host. I am offering this generous policy for your protection, because I understand that choosing a host is a big investment. The services you receive during the total of 60 days of free service would be the same as your regular service, with full support and full resources available.

Yes, there is a catch to this offer: I screen every potential client before I accept him/her. You would need to spend some time to allow me to get to know you and your site. Because of this screening process, you can be sure that the people you are sharing the server with are well-behaving users, and that you will be entitled to a responsive environment.

If you are interested, please PM me with your IM handle, your site(if you already have one), and background information about yourself. We can then arrange for IM chat or email communication.

My current clients are very satisfied with my service; reference available upon request.

P.S. Payment accepted through paypal.