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    looking for a software to create menu bar

    hi! could any tell me that which i sthe good software to create a custom drop down menu bar without any script knowledge?

    Morover, JavaScript / DHTML / flash drop down menus, which is the best choice for a site performence?

    Pls help. Thanks!^^

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    I do believe Xara does this i can't remember though... and as far as a fast performance flash site? not really possible you'd have to keep it to small javascript or dhtml or just do a cross of css and javascript. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    You can use photoshop to design menu. Then, you use java scripts to built it.

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    I don't know any code-free script generators, but in terms of performance you're best off with a pure-CSS solution, completely avoiding javascript and flash.

    CSS-based menus require no "coding" per-se. Just xhtml markup for the menu, and some CSS rules for styling.

    The listamatic site has dozens of examples of CSS-only menus, including cut-and-paste markup.

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    DevMansion has a good one.

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