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    which is the best adsense?^^ Yahoo or Google?


    i have a few site and want to put some ads to the site for earning some profit, however, i just know google adsense and yahoo only. could any one tell me which one can make more revenue by (pay per click), which is the best adsense nowadays indeed?

    pls share you opinion and suggestion.^^ Many Thanks!

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    I think they are both a joke.....With Google pimping out a little more.

    A few years ago great money opportunity, now the payouts are a joke. Definitely worth trying but I would not get your hopes p on making very much money.
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    In terms of options and user-friendliness, I prefer google. However, Music is right. The payouts are pretty weak unless you have a very popular site.

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    Yahoo hands down. They don't tell you at last minute when you've earned the 100 payout after 4 months that you can't get paid beacuse you have fraud clicks and don't take 2 weeks to get back to you with a 0 cent account and say sorry. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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