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Thread: Opinions please

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    Opinions please

    Constructive critism only please.

    We are looking at design only, there is no content.

    (ignore the frames, these are being removed).

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    not loading..

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    It loads for me.

    Your design is plain, but neat. You've chose a good colour and to be honest the only thing I dont like about it the white gap between the top left image at the menu. Fix it up!

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    yeah, I was wondering about the same thing as axel, that white gap...I'm not crazy about that...I like the layoutthough it is clear, neat, but is not too plain and has a nice color scheme. I take it that the "blah blah blah" is not staying and that that will be replaced with real content...I think it will be a great site once everything is done!

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    Looks really cool...neat colours. But yeah, lose the white space above the nav bar!
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    hi there,
    what you have so far is a good start........

    However, the links on the left were a little tough to read. it is Always good to have the main nav stand out with prominence.

    The globe in the left I liked. However, if it was on a plainer background it would stand out much more....More emphasis on the globe would be better, as it looks a lot more interesting than the background it is sitting on.....

    The only other thing is the onegighost font in the header. The font and effect you have used are a little dated. There are many great fonts around these days, so it might be worth experimenting with that.......

    the rest of the elements of the page tie in nicely together......


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