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    Need Windows 2k3 Expert

    Need a Windows 2k3 expert to help solve a problem we are having with packet abuse by certain users of our site.

    Must be expert in Windows packets and how to block abusers from the server, etc. Knowledgeable in things such as IPsec and Ethereal may help the situation.

    Were willing to purchase programs with your assistance in installation if you know any.

    Basically our problem is some users of our site is in a way DDOS attacking our site and we want to stop them. However, its very difficult to catch him because it is a large traffic site and the site uses some chat software which makes things even worse.

    We need a program that will automatically filter out users who send too many packets to certain ports of the server over a short period of time.

    So, you must be an expert in things like that and also a Windows security expert.

    Please contact me via PM with Resume and for more details on this work.

    I hope I didnt confuse you with our description.

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    Hi there, this is Carol

    I'm a server admin / coder that has quite expertise on DDoS and DoS attacks. I can't send PMs but i'm available right now on MSN at [email protected]

    Please contact me as soon as possible. I develop as well the necessary tools for the ocassion. Have in mind that not all of the attacks can be prevented with a generic tool, otherwise OSs would have them

    Thanks in advance -- Carol.

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    Hi Webfanatic ,

    I sent you a pm this morning with my detailed resume.

    My msn is: fox80129 @


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    This isn't an offer but just to help out:

    You will probably need a customised program to do this. Something like IPsec really won't cut it.

    Carol really sounds like they know what they are doing. If at least, they should be able to explain the situation to you in order to give you a better understanding.

    You may also want to consider hardware firewalls as well.

    Just trying to help. - VPS Control Panel
    Automating and monitoring your hosting business.

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