I do freelance posting as its hard to find a good posting company these days.

Starter $4.00
25 post total
18 replies
7 new threads

Spice $11.00
75 posts total
60 replies
15 new threads

Explosion $16.00
100 posts total
75 replies
25 new threads

Thread it up $5.00
15 new threads
5 new replies
20 post total

I will only be working at 200-400 posts a month so order now before im taken. I was the co-creator of the original adhocpost before it was created and have a strong belief in customer service and satisfaction.

My posts tend to be 15 words plus.
I will work on basically any website except gambling, sports, and Erotic websites.
I have experience in lesbian/bi/gay, webmaster, programming, literature, art, music, medical, mental illness, teen, humor, store websites, NFL and more.

If interested please PM me the package desired +
Paypal Email:
Forum URL:
Preffered Duration:

First come first serve. I will discuss with you exactly what i can do or how much i can do without loosing quality.