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    * Allowing other sites to use my content?

    I have recently made a script that gather news headlines automatically every couple of hours and lists them in a datalist- I want to allow other people to have the option to having these news headlines on their websites, in the same way that The Free Dictionary allow other sites to use parts of their content. ( )

    - Ive had a look at how The Free Dictionary do this and as far as I can tell its done using JavaScript includes, Ive looked into using this option but I would need my script to convert the news headlines from HTML to JavaScript and this is something I have no idea to do (ive little to no knowledge of JavaScript)

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can acheive my goal of allowing other sites to use my content - any opinion/ideas are appreciated
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    You should instead make an RSS XML feed to sydicate your content. Javascript can parse XML, so people can still retrieve your content with javascript if they choose. You'll get the bonus of having it be able to be read in feed readers and several other applications such as outlook and the upcoming internet explorer 7.
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