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    ivirtual host dead???

    I have two accounts with ivirtual host, and cannot access either of them. I can't access their homepage either, and emails to them get bounced back at me as "domain not recognised" or something similar. It's been like that since yesterday. Does anyone have any info on this?


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    Hi, shows few results for ivirtualhost.

    You should try contacting the representative/owner from WHT first through PM,email etc. Their website seems down here as well so either try other forms of contact (messenger, phone) or WHT as he is registered here.

    Good luck hope things work out for ya.

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    Thanks for that. By coincidence, my sites and ivirtualhosts have all come back on line after about 36 hours of outage. Not sure what that was all about, but here's hoping all is normal now!

    Thanks for the response. Was starting to get frantic, as that's a loooong downtime!

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