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    Run business on a Dedicated or Reg. Hosting Plan?

    What is your take?
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    Well, if you have the knowledge of Linux or Windows Administration go for a dedicated UNIX or NT/2K dedicated, if you have no knowledge then your best bet would be to go with a reseller account.

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    It would help if you where more specific of the goals, needs, etc.

    This is like saying, which is quicker in terms of traveling? Plane, train, or automobile?

    Well, if you could walk there in 60 seconds... ;-)

    In hosting it will come down to a number of factors (below is not expected to be a comprehensive list, but to give you an idea):

    * Budget -- if you don't have it, it will not matter whether you need it or not.

    * Number of sites.

    * Type of sites -- interactive, static

    If interactive, how so? To what degree?

    Is it more disk instensive? Processor intensive? Data traffic intensive?

    * Number of visitors per what frequency?

    * Average stay for each visitor.

    * Data traffic used by site.

    * What type of security concerns or needs are present?

    * What type of up time is required?

    * What type of access is required?


    Answers to those questions will lead towards wether a dedicated server or servers are required or shared hosting will do.

    Thank you.
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    it's also better to start with shared hosting, since most businesses won't generate tremendous traffic and resources in their first month or two upon launching.
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    I think Virtual Dedicated Servers (Virtual Private Servers) is more acceptable for reselling. It is more flexible and more useful.

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    VDS or VPS are great for small sites because most of them come with a control panel and some sort of management or administration.

    If you don’t know much about managing a server, I would recommend going with a VPS and re-selling shared hosting plans. That way, you will be covered on management and be able to offer a wider variety of options for your clients (digital ID’s, IP addresses, shopping carts, etc. that you may be limited on if using VPS alone) and find the best fit for each customer you bring on board.

    If your business grows to the point where it makes sense, a dedicated server with a control panel will bring a lot more profit margin your way. You may be able to get away with minimal outsourced management if you are learning while you are growing or have the budget for an in-house tech.

    One thing to be wary of in a dedicated environment……no matter how many times your provider says “managed servers” in their pitch, 99.999% of the time they are only talking about a managed network, port monitoring, and reboots with a minimalistic or non-existent SLA on anything but the network (if you are lucky).

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