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    PC Game Bundle - $100

    For all the PC gamers out there, I have an amazing bundle set for you.

    Half Life 2
    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault
    Axis & Allies
    Battle for Middle Earth
    Quake 4
    Call of Duty 2
    Second Sight
    Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Auto Assault
    The Movies

    All of these for $100. I've played Call of Duty 2 and Half Life 2 but the others I haven't played.

    Excellent games for an excellent price. PM me ONLY if you want to purchase this bundle.


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    Buy a new PC did you?

    I'd go for it, but I have almost 50% of them

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    haha nah...just cleaning out the closet so to speak

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    Have you used the Half Life 2 key to register it on steam?
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    i think i have...not need a Steam account to play it right? if so, then yes I've done the Steam thing...i'm not sure if that prevents the game from being played/installed elsewhere.

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    You'd need to hand over your Steam account details, and obviously that means selling all the games on your Steam account - not just Half Life 2.

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    Half Life 2 then would be the only Steam game I have. i don't have any others needing a Steam account. and if need be, i can give the Steam details.

    i remember all the Steam fuss lol how could i forget....or ofcourse, i can just exclude Half Life 2 from the bundle..whatever makes the most sense.

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    you wouldnt want to just sell middle earth 1 eh?

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    i would but then i'd have to go do individual prices...with the bundle they're all $10 each but separately they'd be more.

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