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Thread: server switch

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    server switch

    i have a crappy server for a good price and i was given another one free and they both go down alot even through i dont use the secound one that much. what i want to ask he is probely known i just havent heard of it. and i need some small questions answered.

    i have 18 cliebts on the forest sever and i want to buy direct admin setup the users on the other server to match my current server and then to make it so that evry 4 hours the home directrly from server 1 is checked agianst the home dir of server 2 and if a file is changed or their is a new one it is replaced or uploaded. and when server 1 goes down i can switch to server 2. got it

    so this poses 2 problems for me. firstly how is harry krishners name do i do this is their a app or what. and domains. i know very little about them infact i hate them. but i need to know that if i use the first 2 name severs on a domain as serverones and the other 2 as server towes and when server one goes down itlooks at the dns for server 2 and moves over silently. got it

    now my main server is a amd sempron with 512mb ram and a 120gb drive with 500gb bw and server 2 is a sempron aswell with 512mb ram and 120gb drive (i will upgrad froma a 80 if it is posible) and 400gb bw.

    now either you are reading this and getting pissed off cos this is so easyand wel documented or your gettign pissed cos this is bull.

    i only think i need one thig and thats some somrt of cron ftp accesing file updater backuper of some sort. (and something for mysql and stuff).

    let the flaming begin (start with my spelling)

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    The rsync utility shoud do the trick:
    Best regards,

    Anders C. Madsen
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    rsync is the best option for you with the ssh authentication that allowes direct login into one server from another.

    Check for details here
    ESC :wq!

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    Yes, chill your buns and use rsync

    Take Care!

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    this sounds good i will look at it now.

    thanks for the help and im sure you will be hearing from me shortly

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