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    Reverse DNS issues

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with mail servers being blocked or labeled as "spam" because of reverse DNS pointing to the datacenters domain name instead of your mail server domain?
    Any work arounds or suggestions? is it worth asking the datacenter where I co-lo to change DNS for my range?

    Thans for any help.

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    ask your datacenter to update their dns servers with the appropriate name of your server.

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    I haven't seen this problem personally, but it might be a problem if the forward and reverse DNS do not match. I'd recommend asking your colocation provider to update the reverse DNS with the appropriate hostnames.


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    I haven't had that problem, but I have had problems with some mail servers rejecting the mail because the ptr record was not valid (bringing back nxdomain status).

    What datacenter are you having trouble with?

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    SORBS has been doing this (and many other similar things), is this where you got blacklisted/blocked?

    Personally, since they're once again asking for a $50 fee to get removed from their SBL, I think someone of authority really needs to deal with it (as they have no right to list you in a SBL because they dont like your RDNS hostname, then demand $50 to remove you from said list).

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    SORBS is an extortion outfit.

    you should take charge of your reverse dns with your ip supplier, i have never had a problem doing this with either colo setups or leased servers.
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