My starting game is to sell domains and hosting to get into the e-commerce business. My partner has setup shopping carts a few times for people, but we have been using PayPal which doesn't make sense for what we want to do. QuickBooks says theirs is the only one that integrates with their QuickBooks although I've heard that might have somethig too. Lack of ingetration with QuickBooks is no deal killer. I'm not sure that I would use it.

QuickBooks Monthly fee of $20.00
2.44% plus $.20 per transaction.
$99.00 setup fee if I use instead of theirs
Total cost per transaction $.6196 if 100 transaction/mo.
No cancellation fee

I plan to use instead of theirs. Their setup is free BUT then I pay .25 per transaction, and works about anywhere. The dollar amount of the transactions that I'm gearing for is between $7.00 and $50.00.Let me know if you see gothcas, hidden charges, etc. in going with QuickBooks, or if you have a better idea. I've gotten a spiel from another salesman who said:
"Just to let you know why avoid quickbooks merchant.

1) You are stuck with them with processing and any rates they decide to bestow upon you. You have no ways of re-working your contract or actual merchant fees.
2) You are stuck on using their software, any time you access their virtual terminal or any tools relating to cc you are getting charged.
3) Integrating into an automated solution is going to be hard.
4) Essentially they own you in the aspect of the credit card processing. far the "rates" we analyze your current merchant statements, and see how we can save you money. ( this is free of course if you want to fill out an application)

as far as your back end bank:
Usually we deal with paymentech ( first data bank) or with solupay as your backend processor.
Of course it did not escape my attention that he didn't mention rates, but some of those statements don't make sense.

The next thing I hear about is in the domain group is verifying to prevent charge backs. I don't understand what that means. All I know is they are a bad thing and can get your account suspended.

With domains, you sell them world-wide quite often. The QuickBooks guy says that QuickBooks can do that no problem as can most credit cards. Then I hear people talk about World Pay for such things. What say you?