Greetings people,

I'd like to introduce VisitMyAds. Its a site to where you can advertise your banners for really cheap through page impressions. You buy impressions and your banner is automatically appears on the site. I also offer text links at the bottom of the page as well as a featured banner on top of all pages for however long you want. The banners rotate freely exposing your banner ad consistently.

When purchasing impressions you have different sizes you can choose from not to mention other features:

- All commonly used banner sizes
- Extensive real time stats
- Search and sort on various criterions

All sizes more than welcome and maximum kb size is at 60kb. So feel free to purchase impressions and start to advertise your site(s).
Im also including a limited special to the first 10 advertisers who purchase any banner package with 20 more impressions added onto your package you purchased. And if thats not all, i'll even include a text link at the bottom of my page for one whole month! Doesnt get any better than that.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the site and get your ads just a click away!

Visit My Ads :: Just a Click Away!

Kind regards,

R. Solutions