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    Optimizing my p4 1GB ram server

    ok, so I have a dedicated server through I figured it would be more than enough to support my 6 websites and the traffic they generate. I was wrong. Before panicing and spending more money than I need to on a monster server, I feel that if this baby was properly optimized, It will do what I ask of it. Anyway, the only thing I have optimized was the my.cnf file with optimized configurations as found in the tutorial section. This doesnt seem to be enough. The server runs fine when my sites arent getting a lot of traffic to them. But we plan to be getting a lot of traffic in the next week and we want the server to be ready for it. The two main culprits are a myspace resource site and an arcade site running's script. I would like to install eacceleratr but im afraid it might mess up one of my other sites and if it messes one of them up, I dont know if the install is reverseable. I'm looking for suggestions and reccomondations on what I should tweak or install to make this a stable server. thanks in advance.

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    eAccelerator would help in some cases, not in all.

    You need to pinpoint everything, there is so much to optimize on such server (apache, php, mysql (db,tables), kernel tunning, hard disks,...)

    Good luck. provides affordable system administration and support to companies and individuals with dedicated and colocated servers

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    Optimize Linux

    One of the things i would do after setting this new server would be to
    install HotSanic.

    hotsanic will allow you to create graphs that you can view regarding CPU usage, Load , Apache usage, disk monitoring, and other cool things that you will be able to track.

    Why install this ?

    because you will have a record of the activity of the server. for example say you made a change on the server and all of a sudden you notice problems you can login to hotsanic and track the CPU and Load usage and maybe you can pin point it to the change you just made. What about the site being too slow.

    Check the TCP ip connectivity logs on Hotsanic and you can see how many active connections are connected to your server , how many are active and how many are waiting. You can view this information and compare it how your server looked 2 months ago.

    here is a link on how to configure it

    and here is a link to my stats on my server.

    let me know if this make any sense.


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    does hotsanic use a lot of resources?

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