Location: Market Post Tower
Network: AT & T / Level3 / Savvis

Dedicated Server:

We have 10 of the following available: Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, 1GB Ram, Various SCSI hdd config bundled with 1000GB of our ATT/Level3/Savvis Premium Transit for $300/month, $99 Setup. Inquire for available configuration.


1U, 1Mbps on our ATT/Level3/Savvis for $150/month, 0 Setup, APC Remote Reboot Port Included


We are offering Full 100Mbps Savvis Transit at the following building:

55 S. Market St, San Jose, CA - $2650
365 Main St, San Francisco, CA - $2750
200 Paul Ave, San Francisco, CA - $2750
529 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA - $2750
11 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose, CA - $2000

We also offer a full line of manage service such as transport, manage firewall, load balancing and custom Network setup.

IP to Ping:

You can visit us at http://ethr.net

For more info or to order any of the above service, I could be reached at [email protected] or AIM: mfjpjay or ICQ: 3328658