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    Lightbulb Review on Hosting Packages

    I design these packages for Asian Nations / Students, as i am going to Re-Design my whole site, so i want to have reviews on my Packages. Hope Serious Reviews.
    * Space and bandwidth is DEDICATED. no Overselling. Your Account May
    suspend for Current month, if you exceed the bandwidth in our Low Packages.
    * It is also my effort to replace the Forum Bidding or AD/POPUP like Hosting Offers
    * Cpanel 10.0 with Fantistico, no limitation on Cpanel Features,
    * Also have restricted policy on server usuage, so no body disturb other sites.

    But at the moment i want reviews on my packages. I think it is affordable for all...Am i right?

    * if you have trouble in reading packages. please fallow the URL to compare the packages.

    Beginner Packages:-

    Packages Monthly Fees Yearly Fees Web space Bandwidth
    Starter 0.16$ 2$ 15 MB 500 MB
    Economical 0.4 $ 5$ 60 MB 1 GB
    Low Business 0.7 $ 8$ 100 MB 2 GB
    Professional 1.7 $ 20$ 200 MB 5 GB

    Standard Packages

    Packages Monthly Fees Yearly Fees Web space Bandwidth
    Starter 2 $ 24$ 250 MB 6 GB
    Economical 3 $ 35$ 500 MB 1 GB
    Low Business 3.5 $ 42$ 750 MB 2 GB
    Professional 5 $ 60$ 001 GB 5 GB

    Premium Package
    PRO I 6.25 $ 75$ 1.5 GB 20 GB
    PRO II 8.4 $ 99$ 002 GB 30 GB

    What You would say about Above Packages?
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    Sorry the Standard Packages are
    Starter 2 $ 24$ 250 MB 6 GB
    Economical 3 $ 35$ 500 MB 10 GB
    Low Business 3.5 $ 42$ 750 MB 15 GB
    Professional 5 $ 60$ 001 GB 20 GB
    Edit the Above Post...for removing the duplicate entry. I hope Mod. dont mind.

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    Good pricing not bad. Names arent that bad. But Low business probably isn't such a good name. Makes the business sound bad perhaps something like business basics or just business since you have no other business. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
    Be heard and submit your review review here.

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    Absolutely right

    Good suggestion about Naming the Packages. Never think about it in the start that LOW term never attract visitors. Thanks.
    and i need suggestion in it also.
    i think LOW PRICES on yearly term, for replacing FORUM or AD like free hosting. so by billing we can confirm our client status. and never give him/her chance to spam or invlove in hacking activities.
    Is it good idea?
    Do i need additional confirmations?

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    Looking good.
    Hope u can really make this your buisness

    Olivier Pauwels.

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    nice plans, but some are not so cheap

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