I am selling my site www.talkxhtml.com.

This is running on SitePoint as well. I will update everyone here and at Sitepoint with the appropriate information as bids come in.

Reserve/Min. Bid set at: $2,500.
  • URL: talkxhtml.com
  • Established: 29 Dec 2005
  • Uniques/Month: 20,000
  • Page views/month: 150,000
  • Monthly Revenue: $200 Actual | $400+ Potentially
  • PageRank: 6
  • Listed: 6 Sep 2006


This is a webmaster community based on providing examples, discussions, and other tutorials and what have you all within the vBulletin system.

Sale includes vBulletin License, vBSEO License, all content, traffic, and domain which is registered for 10 or so more years.

I was completely inactive in the month of August and thus is why conversations have come to a slow. Still, the site grows exponentially every month, and is set to hit 20,000 uniques this month averaging 550+ a day.

The site has about 4-10 registrations per day.

As of posting it has:
Threads: 1,669 | Posts: 9,798 | Members: 1,521

I am selling this in hopes to raise money for University of which I am currently attending. Tuition is expensive, and I would like to pursue other projects with my spare time.

In August I was on vacation, and haven't spent much time on it since. Regardless, the site is intact, works beautifully, and has some really nice traffic.

Revenue Details:

All of the revenue generated from this site is derived from private advertisements being sold. For banners and skyscrapers we use PHPAdsNew and go for $20-25. We also sell links because of our high PR and traffic which seem to sell well for the $10-15 range.

Potentially the site could bring in about $400 USD a month. The reason I am not is because I am not very active in marketing my advertising space and whatnot. I have also neglected the site a bit, but traffic is growing steadily as always.

You can see in the screenshot some variance in the amount of money accepted. In the beginning I had originally run specials for $5 links and then $10 links. Now it is set to $15 links.

Actual revenue per year: About $1,200

Potential revenue per year: About $5,000

(Selling 20 links, 4 banners, and 1 skyscraper.)

With a good advertising team, you'll be able to sell all these spots easily. I have found buyers for the current prices, I simply have not invested the time necessary to yield the full potential.
Traffic Details:

All the site traffic is organic. With over 60% of the traffic coming from Yahoo Search, some comes directly from MySpace.com Search, MS Live Search, and a very tiny portion from Google.

This site has released many WordPress themes which has equated into a lot of tiny clicks from various blog sites worldwide which is miscellaneous traffic probably accounting for about 5-8% of the traffic.

Any other questions please contact me via PM or reply to this thread.