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    how can I collect data from other sites?

    LEts say i want to compare al the different weather reports (yahoo, cnn, etc...) and have all the info appear on my site. COuld this be done? Or maybe i would like to compare prices from 20 different retailers?

    I mainly want to have accurate data. So when the info on the commercial site changes, I want my site to update aswell. Would i have to contact the commercial sites and ask them for support to achieve this? (Like they send some kind of signal to me w/ info?)

    pardon me, I am a total noob.

    I realize i could manually sit and update the info, but that would be tedious and nonefficiant to say the least.

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    you would have 3 choices.

    1) manualy go to each site and copy data (not recommended)

    2) contact each of the sites and see if they offer an API or some type of xml feed for you to grab the data.

    3) Build / buy / download a script that will regulary contact each of the website and 'screen scrape' / grab information from the website , process it and store it for your use.

    for option 3 google 'screen scraping' and you will find some solutions for content grabbing. I would also checkout hotscripts for some allready brebuilt scripts.

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