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    Are you protected?

    How many of you are protected? If someone trademarks your domain name would you lose your domain?

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    why is everyone quiet about this? 28 views and zero replies?

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    eh 100 people on this forum at any time of day.

    28 views isn't a lot.

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    Not sure, but I don't think so.

    I had a similar situation. I registered a domain in 1998, someone created a band using the same name in 2000. They have a recording contract, and are internationally known. They contacted me about a year ago asking what the site was about (It was a private system at the time). I responded and never heard anything else from them. I suppose since I was using it first, they have no claim to it. I believe trademark law says first use, registered or not.

    In any case, I think if I would have made an offer to sell, I could have lost it, but otherwise no. I am not a lawyer, but that is my experience.


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    Well, I am not a business, nor am I a lawyer, but I generally search for trademarks before registering any domains. Most of my domains are adjectives (one's a number, too).

    Besides, I would be really surprised if someone trademarks Eroticon Six, or Who in their right mind would trademark the home planet of Eccentrica Gallumbits, the famous triple-breasted whore? No, I think I'm pretty safe
    It makes no difference which one of us you vote for. Either way, your planet is doomed... DOOMED!

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    I believe this topic falls under the maxim - 'don't go looking for trouble and it will probably not look for you'. In other words, try to avoid infringing on other existing trademarks, common names, etc.

    I hold one domain that I established in 1996; several years later a large drug company came out with a new drug by the same name. They obtained the vs my domain. I never heard from them. I had some dreams of them offering us crazy amounts of funds to sell them the domain - which we probably would have done.

    We did start getting a lot of nuisance mail and hits on our web site as a result of name confusion, but to my knowledge no one from the drug company ever contacted our company. I suspected they may have been testing us at one point by directing a lot of mail to us to see how we'd respond.

    A tactful change to our web site front page dealt with most misdirected surfers.

    What's really amazing is how many people find our contact email address after clearly navigating through a site that is anything but drug related -- and then proceed to send their whole life medical history and questions to us.

    Kinda makes all the discussions about privacy on the internet moot. I know far more about some faceless people on the net than I ever wanted to.

    Would you send your medical history to [email protected]?


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