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    Ecommerce Service with k-long

    Just wanted to comment on one of the service i used.

    Few month ago i was looking for a service in this forum and i came across the link (k-long dot com) [k-long[dot]com] which had the service i was looking for.

    And after contacting them and applying for the service i was amazed by the service they provided and the support.
    The support is one of the top, they keep answering me always. either by phone or by their ticket system. when i'm in trouble they always provide me with a way to solve it. .

    Just wanted to share the info since i saw a lot asking for the same service i was looking for.

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    Yes, Waiel is one of those newbies with only two posts but absolutely not trying to promote this website nobody ever heard of...

    Come on, build some credibility first!

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    I was 484th visitor on the website

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    wow, they must be very well established then...

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    And if you hit F5 then you are soon visitor no 800 :0))

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    K Long is new company. But they provide solid service. We use their service, gcard for withdrawing paypal fund.

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    well, i must say this is really a good service,
    i have used their gcard service which lets me withdraw money from my paypal account in india,
    as paypal is not offering withdrawl service in some countries,
    i would recommend this if your country is not in the support list of paypal or if you are looking for a quick way to withdraw cash from paypal,


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    well it's true that you may think that I'm just promoting for the website

    i got the website link from this forum ,
    i was searching for a way to get pay pal and i wanted to share something in return ..

    I'm not forcing anyone, just pointing it out .. it might help someone else .

    beside me and forums don't work ( even in my own website) i don't write that much in the forums

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