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    Hardening W2K3 + PHP

    Hey Guys,

    Just after a link or a little advice in regards to locking down my W2K3 web box, i have found a few tutorials on this site and others and am making my way down the various checklists however i havent found much info about PHP in windows. Anyone have a link or some advice in making PHP as secure as possible, im looking at installing the latest version.

    Also regarding the windows server itself i have found various security arctiles suggesting to lock down root and application folders, having a look at the current permissions and they look pretty solid, what more can be done here? maybe look down to just read and execute for all users including admin?

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    PHP security tips for *nix systems are usually applicable to windows as well, so don't limit your searching to "hardening w2k3 + php". Have a look at some of the php-related tutorials here and on other sites for ideas.
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