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    W2K3 Server Setup

    Hey Guys,

    I have a dual core AMD with 1gb or RAM looking at setting up the following software on the system, it looks a little bloated for me considering the amount of RAM i have available, just want some feedback if others have run a similiar config successfully.

    Windows 2003 Web Edition (IIS and FTP)
    MS SQL 2005 Express
    ASP.NET 1/2
    PHP 5

    Was going to put coldfusion as well but since jrun takes 250mb+ i think ill skip it.

    At this stage im thinking of running DotNetPanel but still undecided, anyone have practical experience with it?

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    Yea I do all that on the one serevr.

    I'd also recommend using DotNetPanel

    You would want 2gb of ram though especially if you have a dual core system. is already very resource intensive as it is. With Cold Fusion you're better off setiing up another box. Cold Fusion uses a lot of resources, plus the licensing involved, you might as well have a dedicated box for it.

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