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    Red face Looking for new host because Surfspeedy terminated my account.

    Surfspeedy terminated my account saying that I violated the TOS by having streaming video files on my site. So, I went back to read the TOS and didn't see anything about having Streaming files. So I was like, let me check the hosting features. Well what do you know. Under 'advanced settings' it says that they support 'Streaming Audio / Video (Windows / Real Media)' How unfair! STAY AWAY FROM SURFSPEEDY! STAY AWAY! I'm done with them. I'm not going to even bother pointing that out to them about having streaming windows media as one of the features.

    So now I am looking for a new host for my sites. I've narrowed it down to:

    All which say they support streaming video, but I'm not sure which one to choose. Which should I go with?

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    You may want to go with a smaller host, that will talk to you personally if anything happens.

    How much disk space and bandwidth do you need? That will allow us to narrow things down for you!

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    My site right now is only 1GB but it is growing. I guess I'm looking for something that is 5GB and up. Bandwidth can be about 500GB and up.

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    I do hate to be the bearer of bad news but however, if you're in deed in need of over ~1MBit of bandwidth and using it for streaming media services you should definitely be looking at a VPS/VDS or a dedicated server at minimum. When you're talking that kind of traffic amount on a shared host you're probably ending up using quite a bit of server resources which is more than likely the root cause to why they terminated/suspended your account.

    Regardless, wish you well on your search. Be certain you research and ask questions of hosts you are interested in. I'd also suggest you make sure you look into an upgrade path as well on the next host you pick (that way you can migrate easily to a higher end package with your next provider). Be sure to also bring this up to them so you're not stuck just getting the boot if your site grows more (which by the sounds of it, will most likely be the case).
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    If you were using 500GB of bandwidth no wonder you were suspended. You were costing them atleast $30/month when your only paying as low as $5/month...

    No budget host would be good for you, you need a dedicated server if your pushing that kind of bandwidth...

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    500GB per month is more like going the way of your own dedicated server, so you may like to consider that especially your site is going to grow. Of course share hosting CAN do the work but NOT if it comes from a oversold host who will terminate you once you get heavy for the ultra-cheap amount you are (if you are) paying per month.

    Sometimes it good to pay a little more and not go for the cheapest. But that's not a for-sure that the host is not over-sold. Usually word of mouth helps, but the host usually get oversold too when they got popular. Well management is key i would say.
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    So now I am looking for a new host for my sites. I've narrowed it down to:

    All which say they support streaming video, but I'm not sure which one to choose. Which should I go with?
    First thing you might want to do is email them and make sure they will not suspend your account for streaming videos on your web site.

    Bandwidth can be about 500GB and up.
    Maybe a high-end VPS, or a dedicated server perhaps? I doubt any overselling web hosts would actually let you push the limits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devonblzx
    You were costing them atleast $30/month when your only paying as low as $5/month..
    Surfspeedy rents from LayeredTech. Don't they have to give those servers away for free these days?

    I doubt it was costing them anything. It may have been increasing the cpu load though (thus why it's against the TOS, the invisible one).

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    500Gigs/month on streaming media... I can only imagine the CPU load it would cause.

    OK, of the hosts mentioned by the OP I only have experience with HostGator, and I'd give them thumbs up.
    However, if you push Gigs like that on a shared account you'll likely get booted by them also. You need a dedicated or maybe a VPS.
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    I also have problems with Surfspeedy, pleas take distance from that company !!

    I get an account only to backup my actual VPS (1Gb by day)
    First I talk with sales and support, explain what I need and told me that is OK.
    Then I search at the TOS for "DISK", "USAGE", "BACKUP" and nothing apear.

    After 20 days they send a mail that I was using 24Gb (of 100Gb that have the account), but the message say "correct the problem" and point to a link about disk usage and backups (it was an external link at the TOS).

    I answer the ticket and explain that I'm using it as a backup, but if they have problem I will go out.

    In 10 minutes my account was close, files deleted and nobody answer the ticket or phone me. They also "keep my money" !!!!

    I alway see large TOS, but the most important is how the company works.... for that reason I stay with they make a greate job an a kindly and quick support.

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    Thank you everyone for the input. I will look into dedicated servers and vps.

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