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    **********.com Host Review


    (The host I'm talking about's name has been ****'d away by somehow..:
    Host review is of

    I thought I'd share my experience with doc--u--host.

    Firstly, I don't compete with/dislike **********.

    I have a proxy site and was looking for a new host. The Proxy Site isn't exactly a resource hog but it does take a tiny bit of CPU (nothing too bad). I found **********, who say they will host proxy sites if you choose there Shared "Pro" plan ~13.85US a month.

    They don't advertise the fact they allow Proxy Sites on there site, I found out they allow proxies through a forum and Live Chat with them (seemed pretty friendly) - but they only allowed it with the highest shared or ded plan (not 100% on the dedicated one).

    They gave me 125gb of HDD etc - something I'd never use up, but as you do when your a host, you offer unlimited riches.. no problem with that. The Pro Plan was a huge overkill for me but at 13.85US a month to run a proxy site that didn't violate some form of TOS, it wasn't too bad!

    As anyone with experience with hosting a site that isn't static html, I enquired what would happen if my proxy took a little too much CPU etc. They basically said they would shut it down and block my CPanel access. Sounded a bit harsh to me.. not even an email or even timeouts.

    So I made an arrangement to which they OK'd, to have them give me 1 days notice via email so I could take care of any issues (such as resource usage etc) should they arrive. I would of happily upped my plan to a dedicated or VPS with them if I did start going over any resource limits (seemed very unlikely).

    Well to my suprise, a week or 2 later, I found my Proxy Site down for a whole day with the front page saying "Account Suspended". No emails sent to me. Nothing.

    I'm sure a lot of you know of the stress involved when your site is down.. now imagine that it's showing ACCOUNT SUSPENDED on the front page because of the careless action of 1 or 2 hosting staff.

    I'm not getting microsoft's level of traffic, but it does get it's share of uniques and incidents like this just puts a dint on my site's reputation and indeed waste previous efforts.

    I'm not going to make indepth personal remarks etc, but that was my experience with **********. Hope it helps.

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