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    Migration from VPS to dedicated: How to know what resources I need?

    At the moment I have the most powerful vps of Powervps, the Linux Cpanel Power-3 (BTW I strongly recommend Powervps) and I need more resources (but I don't know exactly what resources). How can I know what resources I need? In the critical moments I usually take a look into the stats of Virtuozzo but I don't know if that stats are real. In fact I asked that to powervps:
    the Resources stats of Virtuozzo are always real or they are according to the Current VPS Template? I mean that my current VPS template is still VPS power 2 so I don't know if the percentages are real or not.

    It seems that I have to upgrade to a dedicated
    An that's what they said:
    THe powerpanel resources are just cosmetic and do not relate to the real resources you have. If you reboot from powerpanel, those stats should be changed. If not I'll look into it and see what's up. But you ARE on a Power-3 right now.
    So how can I know what resources must have my new dedicated server (BTW probably a Softlayer or Leaseweb's server)?
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    Take a look at your QoS alerts on VZCP, and post back.

    (Are you hitting black zone on anything?)

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    My website generaly receives 1000 visits per hour but 3-4 times per week the website has 7000 visists in one hour. With more than 5000 visits in one hour aproximately the website usually goes down and is restarted automatically. I believe that the CPU Usage and System Usage aren't full in that moments (neither) but the VPS goes down. Anyway I'm not sure, I don't fix very much on that since I understood from PowerVPS that those stats are not real (just cosmetics).

    QoS Alerts: No Alerts are logged.
    The last day I have problems was 28 Aug, I don't know if the QoS alert was cleared.
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