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    Cheap But Reliable Web Hosting Service, too much to ask for?

    I know many topics have been posted about this subject but I've been searching for about 3 weeks for a good webhost. I am looking for a reliable, trust worthy web hosting service. Perhaps listed with the Better Business Bureau or some other renowned consumer organization. I need a host for my new online store. I don’t need that much disk space or a crazy amount of webspace.

    Here’s my wish list:
    -proven track record/no overselling, and good advertising. Don't offer something you do not have, just to get the my business. (e.g. 30GB of bandwith, or unlimited)
    - inexpensive, under $15 a month with the ability to grow as the business does
    -don’t want unlimited space, the company should only offer limited space to everyone.
    -Ability to add-on at least 2 domains for the same cost
    -I prefer cPanel control panel since I’m like the way it functions best but I will try others
    -24/7 customer service by phone during normal business hours but definitely 24/7 email support
    -A knowledgeable customer service and technical staff
    -Free trial period or month-to-month contract. (I really test it out to the fullest and I don’t want to deal with a refund if I don’t like it)
    -No set up fees!

    Is that too much to ask for? I think that there are many great companies out there who cater to small businesses and I’m determined to find them.

    Thanks I appreciate any info!
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    That's not too much to ask for considering your budget is $15 and the hosting market is gradually offering more and more storage/bandwidth for users at a lower price each day. I would dig around WHT for some reputable hosts and do your search before making a decision. Make sure you do send sales email/questions etc.. to double check before making your decision

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    Based on what you want, I'm sure would fit your needs nicely.

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    Yep, I would look at the smaller hosts with proven track records -- you'll find its just easier and better to deal with them!

    good luck with your hunt.

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    What sort of problems have you had? For what you want at your budget you should have no problems finding a good quality host. You might have a problem deciding which one to go with. But finding them should not be a problem. Maybe if you tell us what your reservations are exactly we might be able to help you a little better.

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    I have to agree with MrRadic on this. A smaller proven hosting compay would probably be ideal for you to deal with.
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    You don't seem to be asking anything unreasonable depending on what your actual space/bandwidth requirements are.
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    $15 per month is quite enough to get a good host

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    $15 per month is a good price, problem is that it is difficult to find out if it is a kid alone running hosting operations(and even worse - could be very active poster at WHT) or it is a real company. To find out if it is a reseller or a real datacenter can be easier (f.e. via ownership of ASN "number"). Resellers can be more "supportive" in simple cases, DC owners are more in control and can respond quicker to more serious issues, especially related to network and hardware.
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    If you want a host that offers less than 50 Gigs/month I guess you can have to look around... but there are some.

    What seems most hard to find would be this "free trial" thing. Only host I can recall offering that is Micfo. They have had their ups and downs, do check customer posts before deciding.

    And why is asking for a refund such a hassle? Only involves sending out a written request, usually by e-mail.
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    I would take a look at
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    Thanks everyone for you help!

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    I'm currently using A Small Orange to host my forums and my portfolio and I couldn't be happier with their service; I highly reccomend them to you!

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    Your requirements and budget are quite reasonable. I would recommend searching for a web host on or

    1. Find the host that matches your requirements.
    2. Find reviews on the host.
    3. Test their response timings before siging up.

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    cheap, fast and good

    pick any two
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    Quote Originally Posted by HSRGeorge
    cheap, fast and good

    pick any two
    That's becoming old and obsolete
    If not, check the comments that hostgator have (to name one)
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    Cheap and Reliable tend to be mutually exclusive in most things, including web hosting (IMO). A lot of folks around here don't seem to "get" this basic principle in life.
    As for Reliable w/good support, check out or

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    Unless there is a negative report on a company, the BBB lists only companies that are willing to pay the BBB fee to be listed and affiliated. So, for most companies, you will only see their listing if negative claims have been made. As far as finding a good company that is reliable and cheap, you generally get what you pay for in this business. My advice is to find a company that charges lower than others and is reliable. Go to reviews to see if there are many negatives and check host-tracker to see uptime stats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tulix
    problem is that it is difficult to find out if it is a kid alone running hosting operations(and even worse - could be very active poster at WHT) or it is a real company.
    I'd avoid all hosts where you can't be sure who is running it, what servers they have, which datacenter it is etc. I agree that you can't take posts here as evidence of age, honesty, reliability etc.

    I'd second (or third, or fourth or whatever it is) the recommendation for ASO.
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    Good luck in your search, I am in agreement with the previous mentions that you are most likely to get a more immediate personal responce from the smaller hosts than the larger companies.

    Reminds me when I used to wait over 5 days for a reply from 1&1
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    Quote Originally Posted by VertuHost
    you generally get what you pay for in this business. My advice is to find a company that charges lower than others and is reliable.
    I think there is an inconsistency in these 2 statements, but the biggest problem in the industry is NOT getting what you pay for.

    Paying more simply gives an equivalently efficient host access to more resources to service your account. It doesn't mean he/she is equivalently efficient or that he/she will choose to spend the money on servicing your account.

    Some pricing models also mean that a higher resource user is essentially being subsidised by lower resource users who are paying the same price.

    That said, if you want to be sure of reliability then you need to pay your host enough for the resources you will use and know that other customers are doing the same.

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