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    Dual Core Opterons, Woodcrests, and more. is a semi-managed dedicated server provider with competitive pricing on servers located in a private datacenter in New York, New York. We offer tier-1 bandwidth with all our servers, 5 unique IPs, free remote reboot, and management services that will insure your servers have stellar uptime.

    Dual Intel Xeon Woodcrest 5130, 4x 2.0Ghz/2M L2 cores
    2GB Ram
    Hard Drives: 4 320 GB hard drives
    Raid Card: 3ware 9550SX-4LP 4-port SATA-II RAID Adapter, PCI-X
    Bandwidth: 2000 GB
    Remote Reboot: Yes
    Price: $435/mo (includes CPanel)
    Setup: $45

    AMD Athlon64-X2 4400 CPU, 2x 2.2G/1M L2 cores
    Ram: 2GB DDR-400
    Hard Drives: 2x 250-Gig Western Digital SATA-II RAID Edition, 7200rpm
    Bandwidth: 2000 GB
    Price: $179/mo (For cpanel add $20)
    Setup: Free

    Single AMD Dual-Core Opteron 170 2.0Ghz
    2x 1M L2 Cache, On-die Memory Controller
    Ram: 4GB RAM DDR-400 PC-3200
    Hard Drives: 4 * 250G
    WD2500YD, 24x7 RAID Edition, 16-Meg Buffer
    3ware 9500S-4LP 4-ports SATA PCI-X RAID Controller
    Raid 10
    Bandwidth: 2000 GBs
    Price: $245/mo (For cpanel add $20)
    Setup: Free

    To order, email support [at] Questions? Comments?
    AIM: supportTitan
    email: support [at]
    Phone: 609 638 9559

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    UPDATED pricing information has now been posted at

    We are offering a limited time sale to get rid of excess inventory. Offers valid on this page only applicable to new customers and will only be honored for the next 5 business days. For more information, please email support [at]

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