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    Political Website Design Needed

    I tossed together a template site for a client as a temporary measure until he announced his candidacy. I now need to move away from the template site and get something better looking, as the announcment should come soon.

    I'm going to want to add a "campaign journal" (read blog) to the site and use Gallery to manage the mass of photos that will be generated.

    I want to move away from flash. The only future use of flash will be videos, because the stupid "click here to activate this control" in IE stuff is annoying. I'm looking for a very clean look that will allow for maximum flexibility in updating the site as events happen.

    I can get all the art we need, but need to schedule time with the campaign manager, so I'd prefer to grab all the photos I need at once.

    The race is going to be for Lt. Governor (though the candidate is currently a state Senator).

    Here's the current site:
    Here's the competition:

    Some sites that I like: and

    Another candidate picked up the same template (I knew I should I bought the exclusive, but didn't) and her site is at:

    I'm looking for proposed pricing. All I need is the design for a front page and for interior pages. I can adapt it and fill it with content, I'm just a ****** designer.

    Please feel free to email me with questions, or to share your vision of the project, pricing, and timeline. mark at marklyon dotorg

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    email sent
    CMC Design

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    pm sent.


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    is this job still available has it been filled ?

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    It has been filled. Thank you.

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