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    Two domain name servers 1 failed, all fails

    I currently have 2 servers controlling DNS. Today, 1 server went down causing the entire website to go down. But, I set 2 NS records for each site. ns1 for server 1, and ns2 for server 2.

    Therefore, 1 NS record is broken, but the other one works correctly, DNSreport shows that it's working (partially) since all is giving an okay except for the fact that server 1 is down.

    Any help?

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    I know it's exceedingly obvious , but is the website hosted on the same server that's the "down" nameserver? Have you confirmed that the records at the working nameserver are actually correct (i.e. pointing to the right IP, et cetera)?

    Failing that, you might want to try traceroutes to both nameservers and the webserver; it could be a network problem somewhere. - offering amazingly competent email, dns, and web hosting since 2002... because someone has to!
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