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    Blu-Ray versus HD-DVD

    Which will be the successor to DVD? I anticipate that in the end Blu-Ray will "win" because of the Playstation 3's ability to play Blu-Ray discs. What do you think?

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    I would have to agree blu-ray will be here to stay, but so will the hd-dvd. The only reason blu-ray will hold it's own aginst the hd-dvd is because of sonys influence in the movie industry.

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    Right now, Blue Ray is a waste of money. If you don't believe me, go look at a Blue Ray disk in 1080p.

    Not many of the current movies look any better on it... waste of $999, IMO. For now, a good up-converting DVD player is a better option, until there is media that makes Blue Ray worthwhile.

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    I also think Blu-Ray considering that Sony own a huge chunk of movies plus the dominance of the playstation.

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    The PS3 has been delayed till March 2007 in Europe. Which means Microsoft, Toshiba and the other HD-DVD companies will be having a much better Christmas over here than Sony. With the Blu-Ray player being close to double the price of the HD-DVD players coming out I can't see anyone buying into it for now.

    Also for the USA and Japan who are still getting the PS3 in November Sony can only get together 500,000 machines due to production problems with the Blu-Ray drives! They have halfed the number of expected sales from 4mil to 2mil by the end of the year. Big problems for Sony I feel!
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    I'm pulling for BluRay because it has support for Java. Using standardized technology for menus and other DVD functionality is far less expensive for independent media producers to support than any proprietary format. Java's not exactly open-source yet but it's headed that direction. Hopefully, getting off to a slow start in the marketplace won't kill a more-promising technology.
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    I think both will survive, but BluRay will probably take the dominant share, partly due to PS3 and partly due to Sony's influence in all the different marketplaces which will ultimately control the format's fate.

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    hd dvd will win (exactly like vhs won over betamax). Blu ray is disasterous, you need entirely new assembly machines to manufacture (where as hd dvd production only requires small modification) coupled will the shortage of blue laser diodes, which will mostly effect sony in the run up to the ps3 launch (with the ps3, i am betting, being absolutely riddled with bugs and problems). Microsoft are also launching an external hd dvd drive that will be sub $200, meaning that both the xbox 360 premium and the drive will still be cheaper than the ps3. The cheaper (lol, if you can call it that) model does not even have hdmi, truly shocking.

    All we need now is for microsoft to whip up the media and PR magic, getting the hd drive ready for christmas as well as a drop in the price of the xbox 360 - a sure fire way to absolutely destroy the proprietory mess that is sony.

    Of course, the best of both worlds would be a hybrid format or dual player (it is possible - they are both blue lasers after all....)

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