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    Best fit for domain registration?

    I've been reading for a week and finally feel ready to ask a question. I want to keep my domain registration and site hosting separate. I - of course - want the least expensive quality companies. I thought Namecheap was my registry, then realized they have no phone support. Read too many negatives about godaddy. I just want to register a .com & .net name, trust it is a reliable company, have phone as well as email support, have trustworthy whois privacy, and hopefully not pay more than $15 each.

    Could this great community help me decide with whom I should go?

    Thanks a lot,

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    I have used namecheap before, and havbe had no problems with them. They offer good services at good prices. If your looking for a company that has phone support for domain names godaddy is great for domains just not so great for hosting (per the recent reviews)
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    Hosting and domain registration are very different services. I would imagine that most of the bad you read about GoDaddy was related to their hosting. For Domains, GoDaddy is actually pretty good. It is rare to hear a complaint against that part of their service.
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    You have my second recommendation for namecheap.
    I'd stay far, far away from Godaddy though. They have a pretty thorough track record of stealing domains and other iffy things.

    Namecheap all the way!
    They've been exceptional to me for the domains I have with them for personal use.
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    How about They have domain registrations for 5.99

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    It really doesn't matter where you register your domain, just choose one of the bigger ones and make sure the domain is registered under your name. Also make sure the controlpanel of the company registering your domain allows full control over the domain like DNS, nameservers, mail, forwards etc etc etc.
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    I used for 2 years : Their small, reliable. about $10 for a .com. Make sure you start an account with your first registration, so that all your domain registration will be linked together. They don't have phone support since I checked about 2 years ago, but they have great, reali online support. Hopefully that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebbyBabe
    How about They have domain registrations for 5.99
    Don't use 1and1 - they have terrible support and there are some nasty reviews about them here on WHT.
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    Another vote for Namecheap. Do a search in the Domains sub-forum and you will find a coupon that will put the price at ~$8 with a year of Whois privacy protection.

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    Phruce, if phone support is a big factor for you, then is toll-free phone support a big
    thing for you or not so? If yes, then only the higher-priced registrars like Network
    Solutions and can give you 24/7 toll-free phone support (US anyway,
    though they do have 24/7 phone support for overseas customers as well).

    Otherwise, some of the other registrars who have non-toll-free phone numbers can
    still help you out. I'm placing my additional vote to Namecheap for affordable domain
    names, though I understand if you're willing to pay extra for phone support.

    On the other hand, Moniker also offers toll-free phone support, though only on biz
    days. They still offer support on weekends, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amygdela
    It really doesn't matter where you register your domain...
    I'd have to disagree with your advice I'm afraid, because by that criteria (using one of the bigger services that gives you full control over your own domain) you could wind up with poor customer service as well as unfavorable terms. iPowerweb comes to mind.

    On the other side of the coin, you may well end up with good service like 24/7 toll-free phone support, but at a high cost. Some registrars charge $25/year MORE than their competition, and you can pay for a lot of support calls with the difference (better yet there's VoIP).
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    Namecheap is pretty good. But i use yahoo and they have phone support and i never have problems with them. As long as you don't do anything illegal you shouldn't have a problem with most registers.

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    Yahoo is pretty good and cheap, fast dns adjustment handling too.

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    To me, WHOIS privacy is a key feature. 1and1 offers it for free, but their customer service is terrible. RegisterFly offers it for ~$0.99, but their server is also terrible. The cheapest I've found for a decent registrar is, $2.88/year. Namecheap rocks.
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